GraphQL Field Alias Spec Compliance

Reference: GraphQL

Currently Realm GraphQL only allows field aliases on top level queries, and not on keys. An error will get returned stating:

"message": "runtime error: slice bounds out of range [-1:]"

Are there any plans on compliance with this GraphQL specification? It would be very much appreciated.


Can I get an official response on this? A lot of the tooling that we use at the agency I work with have fully compliant GraphQL specs which are causing errors when queries are being sent to the Realm GraphQL service. Thanks.

Hey @Andrew_Edgar - I’m sorry for such a late response. This isn’t an available feature at the moment - can you provide more insight into why you want to use @alias and the general need for full GraphQL compliance? While this isn’t on our roadmap right now, Adding it here would help us gauge interest - Realm: Realm GraphQL (19 ideas) – MongoDB Feedback Engine

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Field aliasing is an integral feature of the GraphQL spec with very clear use cases documented elsewhere – – I would argue not being able to use it limits the usage of the GraphQL API in a myriad of situations.

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As @Nikolaj_Selvik stated field aliasing is integral and the spec compliance has nested aliasing. Many tools/libraries for various language and frameworks are compliant with GraphQL specs which therefore makes them unable to work with MongoDB Realm GraphQL. Realm GraphQL is a great time saver but it would be much more useful if it was fully spec compliant.

If you desire further specifics - something like is incapable of working with MongoDB Realm GraphQL because it utilizes nested field aliases when generating type-safe code for interacting with GraphQL schema. Dillon Kearns package uses GraphQL specification.

Spec compliance shouldn’t be a feature request, it should be available out the box to assure there aren’t unnecessary hinderances for anyone naturally expecting spec compliance. It would strengthen use cases.