Grading of Final Exam

I think the grading of the final exam is ridiculous and not curricular at all, in terms of the multiple choice, multiple selection questions. If a student correctly selects 2 choices, out of the 3 choices that should be selected, it means that out of the 5 items in the selection list, that student correctly answered 4 out of 5. Why would a student get zero points for selecting 4 out of 5 things correctly? It simply doesn’t make sense. And I know that one can use resources, internet etc. to answer those questions, but some people out here, like myself, challenge themselves to be successful without using those resources, and I feel like penalized for it.


The grading process is quite stiff, I agree. However, it’s the same method used on the certification exams, so it’s used here to accustom students to the more stringent requirements of those tests – which you have to pay for, so you really, really want to get those right. :wink: