Got below error while trying to setup

mongod: no process found
./ line 6: mlaunch: command not found
MongoDB shell version v3.4.2
connecting to: mongodb://
2020-01-25T19:32:53.694+0000 W NETWORK [thread1] Failed to connect to
:30000, in(checking socket for error after poll), reason: Connection refused
2020-01-25T19:32:53.695+0000 E QUERY [thread1] Error: couldn’t connect to ser
ver, connection attempt failed :
exception: connect failed
2020-01-25T19:33:16.776+0000 […] m312.employees0B/395M
B (0.0%)
2020-01-25T19:33:17.292+0000 […] m312.employees0B/395M
B (0.0%)
2020-01-25T19:33:17.294+0000 Failed: error connecting to db server: no reacha
ble servers
2020-01-25T19:33:17.295+0000 imported 0 documents
vagrant@m312:/shared$ mongod
2020-01-25T19:36:03.470+0000 I CONTROL [initandlisten] MongoDB starting : pid=2


Looks like you have resolved the issue as you have successfully completed the course :clap:

Please let me know, if you still have any doubts/questions.



what was the solution to @ARULAMUTHAN_97759 question 14 days earlier ?

I do not see it in the solution trail and i am hitting similar issue.

I did apply the script fron Ch2 and still getting errors while running setup… script for ch3 labs.



Are you sure that you’re getting the exact same error? Let’s see a screenshot.