Google iOS app Authentication with No Secret Key


I’m having a hard time adding Google authentication for my iOS app. I was able to connect my web app because that OAuth for web apps comes with a Client ID and a Client Secret. When I created my OAuth for iOS, Google only provides a Client ID and a iOS URL scheme. Google did not provide a secret. How do I authenticate my iOS app access to my MongoDB Realm application? I tried added my Client ID with a blank secret, but Realm says that I can’t have a blank secret. Thanks in advance.

I found this documentation.

“For iOS client applications, you need to create both a Web OAuth Client ID and an iOS OAuth Client ID. The former is used by Realm, while the latter will be used by the app itself.”

I used my iOS Client ID for the Google Login Button but when I pass the Web Client ID to mongodb SDK, it throws an error: “error exchanging access code with OAuth2 provider”.

How does the documentation intent for us to implement two different Client ID?


Did you ever manage to solve it?
I am facing this also.

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