Google Auth popup getting blocked

My webapp only uses Google login for authentication.

However, I have some users who cannot login because they are on managed machines, and these browsers are automatically blocking the popup that occurs when you use the Realm app.logIn() function.

I know Google offers alternative ways to implement “Sign in with Google” functionality, but I cannot find any examples or documentation about how to do that with Realm/Atlas/whatever its called now. My specific questions are:

  • are the alternate options or parameters I could pass into the Realm logIn() function? I don’t see any in the docs
  • does anyone have an example of having to build a custom login flow that’s really just doing Google login to workaround the popup issue?


I still don’t have a solution for this, but I do have more specifics.

What I’d really like to do is set the ux_mode of the Google sign in. The Google SignIn documentation for Javascript offers this parameter, but it seems that the Realm.logIn() function doesn’t expose this or give me the ability to pass in any parameters:

I’m now faced with potentially having to build out my own custom Google login flow so I can set the ux_mode, but then it’s unclear to me how I might connect that custom Google login to an Atlas app() instance for auth purposes.

Has anyone done something similar?