Good Morning, I am Rick from Northern Ireland

Hello all,

I’m Rick, CTO & Co-founder of a two sided marketplace application named Sussd.

We recently started getting direct feedback through customer interviews which allowed us to gain insight in to what our customers really want, and as a result we’ve pushed our existing backlog back and created a new one. Which has given me the opportunity to get some foundation work done, starting with swapping over from AWS Aurora to MongoDB.

I’ve been using MongoDB now since 2014. I’m excited about all the new things that are in the pipeline for Atlas, and looking forward to using them to grow our platform!


:wave: Hi @Rick_Craig and welcome to the community!
This forum is a great place to get all the news about things “in the pipeline”.

Welcome, @Rick_Craig! Glad to have you here and always pleased to learn about companies adapting to real customer feedback – especially when that customer feedback leads them here!

Hi @Rick_Craig

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Greetings from Dublin @Rick_Craig. What was your motivation for moving from AWS Aurora to MongoDB?

Best wishes,