Glitch as cluster provider?

Yes, I am a newbie in but not a newbie in IT.
Question: After I created a cluster at AWS or Azure.
Can I changed or replace the cluster?
Could I use glitch as cluster provider?

It’s your choice

You can continue with Cloud provider you have choosen
I dont think it is possible to change/replace the cluster once created
You have to drop and create new cluster under new provider

I think Glitch is possible as per below thread but it is provided by third party provider mlab

Issues on Glitch connecting with MongoDB Atlas

From what I learned by now.
Glitch will not be able to act as Cloud provider but as database client with mongoose as library.

I can see the stuff that I stored via Glitch is also visible at → works as designed.
Ticket can be closed.

Hi @Mat_Jung,

Glitch provides hosting for applications, but is not a general hosting/infrastructure provider where you can run additional services like databases. As mentioned, you can connect a Glitch application to a database cluster hosted elsewhere. You should make sure you have appropriate security configured (user authentication, TLS/SSL network encryption, firewall/whitelist) to limit access as much as possible. Limiting access via firewall or whitelist can be more difficult from shared hosting providers which can potentially have a large (and changing) range of originating IPs.

Your other topic on Relationship between Atlas, MongoDB, and Cluster Providers has some helpful context for cluster providers.

FYI: mLab was acquired by MongoDB in October 2018 and those users have now been migrated to MongoDB Atlas.