Getting Syntax error

Hi All,

I am getting below syntax error in below command, please suggest.

var pipeline = [{
$match : {< deleted > }

2019-07-20T13:42:53.337+0530 E QUERY [js] SyntaxError: invalid property id @(shell):1:28

Hi Mohit_29117,

I suggest you to take a closer look to the syntax of queries.
The fields inside it shouldn’t be put inside curly brackets.
I.e. instead of .find({ { “imdb.rating” : 5 } }) (that’s how you wrote) you should write .find({ “imdb.rating”: 5 })

Hey @Mohit_29117

As @Egor_49591 you will have to look at your syntax. Please see the docs for more info on how to form your pipeline. Take a look at this example.

    $match: { 
      score: { $gt: 70, $lt: 90 }, 
      views: { $gte: 1000 } 

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