Getting Started with the Realm SDK for Unity

Hi Everyone,

To follow up on my “Build an Infinite Runner Game with Unity and the Realm Unity SDK” tutorial, I wanted to let you know that I recently published another that takes a step back and focuses on the basics.

This tutorial focuses less on building a game and more on including Realm within your Unity project. This is a great starting point for anyone building games and needs something for data storage.

Feel free to drop me a comment if you have questions.


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Hello, thanks for this article but I have some questions.

  • I see nowhere anything related to the Realm app id or any connection configuration.
  • App.Create(myRealmAppId); crashes my Unity. Any idea?
  • Realm.GetInstanceAsync(); get stuck and does not return.


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@Benjamin_Coven Wow thanks for taking the sync implementation for a spin! I love to see our community pushing us forward. Our build support for Unity is currently in early preview so there will be definitely some rough edges but the team is hard at work over the next quarter getting everything dialed in along with more sample apps to show a variety of use cases, particularly sync.

Do you mind filing an issue here with crashes you are getting, a sample app would be great!

The team will be sure to take a look when they get back from the holidays

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@Ian_Ward Thank you for your quick reply.

I have uploaded a minimal project here tartar / MongoRealm-MinimalSample · GitLab .

I will fill an issue a little bit later, I am on holidays too :stuck_out_tongue:.

I will give a demo next week-end on MongoDB to Unity developers, I guess I will not be able to show them Realm. I don’t have much doubt about the high demand of this feature in low scale Game Devlopment.

Note: I wrote a mistake, this is the login that causes my Unity to crash and not App.Create(myRealmAppId);.

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