Getting problem while installing the project

Thanks in advance.
I am facing problem while installing the project ( mflix-js ). If there is any solution please let me know.

FYI- I have tried to install the different version of babel package it was installed properly but not working while npm start and shows error with “MongoParseError: URI malformed, cannot be parsed”.

I have shared the screen shots.

Hey @Krishnendu_92980

This error mean that you have an error with your connection string to your Atlas cluster in your .env file. Nothing to do with babel.

If you installed Babel v 7+ then the app will not work for you as all the babel packages are 6.x

Perhaps you could try to delete the folder and start again, making sure to rename the correct .env file and the correct URI

If there is still any issue let the community know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also see this post as there were student having a similar issue.

Thanks for quick reply.
But I am having same problem though I have set the env. Please help.

It looks like you have yet to rename the file.

Thank you.

Sorry for once again disturbed. Last time I have done as the video says without seeing the readme file. But this time I have followed all steps. But facing another problem. I have tried to pass in mongo connect - { useUnifiedTopology: true } but it is not resolved.

So the error there says that you have bad authentication. Please check your username and password in the connection string.

I have checked and also verified the username and password is correct.

Have you whitelisted your IP or better yet Since the error has something to do with bad authentication I would have thought username and password.

Yes. I am able to connect via mongo shell. But can’t connect from the project.

Thank you @natac13. It is resolved. One minor mistake from my end.

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