Getting message "Compression negotiation not requested by client" in db connection logs

Hello everyone,
I am trying to use network compression feature of mongoDb using golang,
I am trying to use Zstd compression, and I am using the following method at the time of db connection,

opts := options.Client().ApplyURI("mongodb://" + ipPort).SetConnectTimeout(5 * time.Second).SetCompressors([]string{"zstd"})

While checking the db logs, I found an message with the db connection logs,

Compression negotiation not requested by client

Can you please help me, why this message is shown?
Is there any problem with the db connection?
Will it make any impact on MongoDb queries?

I got this message too when I used a connection with no compressors set. Which matches the server code.

client, err := mongo.Connect(context.TODO(), options.Client().ApplyURI(uri).SetAppName("===GO APP==="))

This one generated: "msg":"supported compressor","attr":{"compressor":"zstd"}

client, err := mongo.Connect(context.TODO(), options.Client().ApplyURI(uri).SetCompressors([]string{"zstd"}).SetAppName("=== GO APP ==="))