Getting Issue: cannot stat 'm103-vagrant-env/

vagrant@m103:~$ cp -r m103-vagrant-env/ ~/university/m103/
cp: cannot stat ‘m103-vagrant-env/’: No such file or directory

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Hi @Mridul_22614,

You might need to issue this command outside of vagrant shell and at your OS prompt.

Let me know if it works!


Hi @Muskan_47318,

sorry i didn’t get that. do i need to exit and run this command? can you please elaborate more. using windows environment.

complete error : cp: cannot stat ‘m103-vagrant-env/’: No such file or directory


Yes Muskan is asking you to exit vagrant Unix box and try at Windows
cp is a Unix command
What are you trying to do?vagrant-env dir gets created when you do the setup
cp will not work in Windows Use copy

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having the same issue. .
in windows m103-vagrant-env folder in cmd
build my vagrant vr box
ssh in
i have an empty data dir and a university dir
and a products.jason.tgz file
cp: cannot stat ‘m103-vagrant-env/’: No such file or directory

checked MinGW, ssh and rsync installed
eviro is set

…? what am I missing…

I assume the Vagarantfile and the provision-mongod file in the m103 dir are what we need ?
I tried the ubuntu file manager via VB ans set permissions
no luck

Please check your instructions again.You may be running the command on wrong box

Not able to use cp command described in lecture

Hi @Michael_A_Ricciardi_iii_19587,

As I can see, you are making progress in the course and have already done one lab. I assume that your issue got resolved. If not then please feel free to get back to us.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

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