GetRealm & GetRealmAsync are too slow from yesterday

I have 4 Web Applications .AspCore on server MochaHost that working fine with Realm Legacy.
I have written a new Web Application with New Mongo-DBRealm (library Realm 10.1.2) that works fine.
Yesterday all my Web Apps (both legacy and new mongo-db realm) are very very slow without having changed any line of code!

What could be the problem? Have you made any changes on the server side? Or is it a problem with my MochaHost hosting?


It is suspicious that both the Legacy Cloud and the new MongoDB Realm apps have started experiencing slowness at the same time - those services are hosted on completely different infrastructure and have virtually zero influence on one another.

That being said, I would recommend creating a support ticket as that will ensure much more prompt response times and will allow the TSE team to cross-reference the symptoms with similar issues if such have been reported.

I confirm.
It was a hosting provider issue.

PS: new MongoDb Realm is great!

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