getMoviesByCountry junit passes but error while running status

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.assertj.core.util.Arrays
this exception is coming and this is the reason that although the projection test is passing but while accessing status it gives error in the logs

Hi, check if you have imported the right library for Arrays.

@Antriksh_32772, which JDK / JVM version are you running ?

Have you accidently changed the unit tests and imported this library ?
We do not use it in the course code handout.


No, I did not. This issue happens when I use Bson Query filter as: Bson queryFilter = new Document(“countries”, new Document("$in", Arrays.asList(country)));

but if I use : Bson queryFilter =“countries”, country);
then I do not face any such errors.

My jdk version is btw.

Hi @Antriksh_32772,

This is a problem with semantics. We need to change the variable country to countries since this is a variadic variable, and is causing issues in the interpretation of what the data type is.

The second implementation is what you should be using.