Geospatial Queries - Lab : Easy Identifiable Location

Hi Team,
Currently I am doing Chapter 1: Introduction and in particular -> Lab 1.7: Scavenger Hunt, Part 3, its bit tough to understand the location name in the

Based on our shipwrecks dataset, how many shipwrecks lay off the coast of Cancun / Isla Mujeres, Mexico? Choose the answer that best describes the number of shipwrecks you are able to find using Compass.

and as I dont know the location/how to identify the location in the map, failed in the lab.

It will be really helpful if locations mentioned in the problem is easy to locate and process further.

Could I introduce you to my friend Google Maps? :slight_smile: You could just put the location name in there and based on the results adjust the map in Compass. There’s a reason why they call it a “scavenger hunt” :slight_smile:

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