Geospatial Data - Schema View

For the ships.shipwrecks collection, the schema tab always shows an empty page with green colored Analyze button. For other collections this is not the case, after clicking on that button, I get some data but that is only 9.01% which is 11095 documents. Why is this way? Can you clarify?

Please make sure you don’t have any filter applied, that is there is no query written in the query filter.

Please share the screenshot for better understanding.


Kindly see that image, i have no filters, as sson as i land on the schema tab for video.movies collection, it comes this way and then upon clicking analyze button it does some 9% data. Why is this so? please explain.

It is the expected UI.

Whenever, you will click “Analyze”, it will analyze the schema of around 1000 documents which is approx 10% of the total number of documents in the collection. It is the by default range which is used to generate the report.