Geospatial data "datatype"

Quoting from the lecture “MongoDB Docuents: Geospatial data” @ 2:20 “While Geospatial is not a value type per se…”. Then we get to the quiz where it marks you incorrect if you do not pick Geospatial as a valid type of data. One might argue that the wording of the question leaves it open as a correct answer, then one could argue that the other two types of data (rainfall and air pressure) are also valid types of data.

Hi @Jack_65930,

In the video Lecture: MongoDB Documents: Geospatial Data, the instructor said : While geospatial is not a value type per se, using document structures-- such as the one we're looking at here-- MongoDB provides far reaching support for geospatial data.

Geospatial is not a value type per se means this is not an internal data type in MongoDB. However, MongoDB and Compass recognizes this type of data and provide specialized support . It is easier to work with this type of data in MongoDB because of the the built-in support and functionalities provided.

However, rainfall and air pressure may be represented as decimal, integer, or other types of values, but neither Compass nor MongoDB recognize any type of weather data in order to provide specialized support.

I hope it helps. If you still have any other question, please feel free to get back to us.

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Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer