geoIntersects with Polygon that crosses both meridian and antimeridian

Using the Java client, I am trying to do a geoInstersects query with a Polygon that crosses both the antimeridian and the meridian. I am using counterclockwise winding of the Polygon and the custom CRS that is supposed to support “Big Polygons:” “urn:x-mongodb:crs:strictwinding:EPSG:4326”

The Polygon’s west side is just west of the antimeridian, and its east side is just east of the meridian. So the Polygon is:

  "coordinates": [
      [ 175.0, 40.0 ],
      [ 5.0, 40.0 ],
      [ 5.0, 45.0 ],
      [ 175.0, 45.0 ],
      [ 175.0, 40.0 ]
  "type": "Polygon"

The points are CCW: lower left, lower right, upper right, upper left, lower left.

There is not an error, but the query does not return the correct results. I should only get a few hits in North America with the query, but instead all of the documents are returned from all over the world.

Any help or insight into what’s going on and how to fix it would be much appreciated. Thanks.