GenresSearch incorectt

static genreSearchQuery(genre) {
const searchGenre = Array.isArray(genre) ? genre : Array(genre)
const query = { genres : { $in: searchGenre } }
const project = {}
const sort = DEFAULT_SORT
return { query, project, sort }

This should work…
Run below command:
npm test -t text-subfield

After success, run npm start
if localhost doesnt open on its own…
Run following in the browser:


Click on click to begin validation for Text and subfield search and copy the code which appears

paste that code in this answer.

Sorry if I misinterpret your issue.


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Hi @Adipati_19026,

Adding on @Sailesh_95952’s reply, you don’t need to copy/paste the code in the Answer Box.

When you run http://localhost:5000 page, you will see STATUS button in the header, click on that.
After that click on “Click to begin validation for Text and subfield search
Then copy/paste the code which is shown there.

If something goes wrong, please check the console for the error messages.


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