Generated schema is not deployed to Atlas unless custom function is changed

Previously, I would do a Generate Schema in Realm (to bring in latest changes to the Atlas DB). Once I do it, I think there was an UI line which asked me Save and Deploy the change. I need to do Yes and deploy, in order for my application to “see” the new schema. (the same process applied for changes made to custom functions)

But now the UI is no longer there when do a generate schema. I do see the schema page reflecting the latest changes. However, the schema changes are not propogated or deployed, so when I use my application, it does not see the new changes.

The workaround for me is to go update the custom function, which triggers the UI to deploy, and then the changes are propogated so that my application can see the changes.

Not sure if I’m missing some steps or there’s a bug in the new UI flow?