FYI: successful installation of Virtualbox 6.1.22 and vagrant 2.2.16 on macOs

I have successfully installed on MacOs VirtualBox-6.1.22-144080-OSX and vagrant_2.2.16_x86_64

and running: > vagrant up

works like a charm

vagrant installed with brew (2.2.18) and VB (6.1.26) installed via dmg-download worked perfectly.

ALSO VB 6.0.14 DID NOT work on Big Sur (11.5.1)!!!

Just one or two restart were needed after allowing the Oracle Software under Preferemces > Security & Privacy > General


Just attempted VirtualBox on Mac OS Monterey 12.3 on Apple M1 Pro chipset. Installation pre-check returned:

“The installer has detected an unsupported architecture. VirtualBox only runs on the amd64 architecture.”

Assuming this is an issue with the newer macs M1. Anyone seen this before?

I think it is not supported on M1