FYI - Connection issues to sandbox cluster from mongo shell (self resolved)

I was not able to connect as the title states. I was getting SSL peer certificate validation failed messages.

  1. Verified I had the right connection string
  2. Verified I had the IP whitelist
  3. Installed and trusted the digicert certificate I found in this post

None of these worked until I added an SSL bypass for in my web proxy. This then allowed me to connect. Hopefully this might save someone else some time.


This very likely means that the proxy in question performs TLS/SSL termination. I.e. it replaces the other end’s certificate with its own.

What do you specifically mean with “your web proxy”? Can you indicate what you specifically changed?

You are correct. I whitelisted SSL decryption for so it would not be decrypted in our SSL/TLS web proxy. Hope that is clear.

Even I am facing the issue. attaching here screen shot. Can someone please help me

This is in now way the same issue :slight_smile:

You’ll need to read this thread. It has your answer.

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Same here. not able to connect to the Atlas

What is the same here? Please show some debugging output, some errors, something. @priya_79434 was not having issues connecting to Atlas, they simply made a mistake in starting their Mongo shell. That’s entirely different.

Better yet, first check that forum discussion I linked to. Maybe you can find your error situation in that list.

I have gone through the " All new users, please read: these are NOT blocking errors!" and been able to figure out the issue. Now I am able to connect to Atlas. Thanks


Thank you so much @Tess_Sluijter… and sorry for my silly mistake. :slight_smile:

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Error while connecting to sandbox
Error while trying to show server startup warnings: user is not allowed to do action [getLog] on [admin.]

As I read the above threads so I think it’s not an error so it is ok to continue with the same and it will not affect in future and can anyone in simple language make me understand whats the issue exactly.

You are correct: this is not a problem.

The message tells you that the user account is not allowed to perform a check of the replica set or the database. That is normal, because this user account is only allowed access to this single database, instead of all databases (or the “admin” one).