FYI: CentOS via Parallels , set these settings for your VM

If you do not set the embedded virtualization settings on your VM, vagrant will not load and the labs will not work.
This drove me crazy for about 4-6 hours and figured I’d share it with the discussion.

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I I think I misunderstood your previous topic :slight_smile:

What is the setup you are trying to do here? Initially I thought whether you were asking whether you could use the same VirtualBox and Vagrant to run some CentOS VMs. Which is fine.

Then I thought you were asking about running VB+V on CentOS, which is also fine.

But now I see Parallels, which is on the Mac… are you trying to go for three layers here? :smiley: Lab inside VB inside Parallels?

Basically … Sorry I wasn’t more clear … I very much apologize.
BTW… Its working great .
As a MAC user, I use Parallels VM’s for everything especially for Labs / study / research , and gravitate to CentOS’s quick ISO for builts (VM in about 5 minute using 2018 MAC Pro 16GB, 1TB HD).
If this is not supported , please let me know .
If I encounter issues, I understand that you folks are not responsible.
I did feel the need to share this with other MAC users because it is not a well documented practice, but works fine if all the settings are configured before you begin .

Thanks again for all your input .

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I’m glad that it’s all working great!

And it’s totes cool if you’re using a different approach! I used to use Parallels as well, but then the company started pulling moves that I disagree with, so I switched to VMWare Fusion instead. For these labs I still threw VBox and Vagrant on my spare laptop (on MacOS), just to hit the road running.

Now my homelab, that’s something entirely different :wink:

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