Future of Realm Cloud and Custom Adapters

From reading the roadmap, it’s still unclear to me what the future of realm is for devs that don’t plan to integrate with non-MongoDB services.

I have two questions:

  • Given that realm cloud will be deprecated in near future, do you recommend people get started with it now?
  • Are there plans for the new Realm Sync support custom Adapters? If so, once Realm cloud is deprecated, what is the projection for when custom adapters will be supported in MongoDB realm?


Hi – We can definitely look into making the roadmap clearer from this perspective.

One thing that we want to stress is that for users with no intention of using cloud/MongoDB products, Realm Database and the Realm SDKs will continue to function as they do today. We are fully committed to continuing to build Database and SDK features that further local development.

In regards to your specific questions –

  • While we are planning on officially announcing the deprecation of Realm Cloud and ending sign-ups within the next few months, Realm Cloud is still not a bad solution for POC-ing or getting a sense of how Realm development works. For non-production apps built around Realm Cloud’s full sync we think migration should be fairly simple and we are working on strategies for migrating production applications from Realm Cloud to MongoDB Realm.

  • While we don’t have a specific plan to support the Realm Adaptors, much of the functionality of Stitch (which will become the new backend for Realm Database and be renamed to “MongoDB Realm”) will allow coordinating with other backend systems (specifically Triggers, Functions, and Dependency Resolution).

Hi Drew,

I am currently a few months away from releasing a production app using Realm Cloud / Query Based Sync. I’m very disappointed right now and feel that there is a serious lack of information out there that needs to be addressed, especially for paying customers like myself around what the issues are with Query Based Sync.

There have been mentions throughout various forum posts back on forums.realm.io about performance/scaling issues with Query Based Sync, but no real documentation about what these performance/scaling issues actually are.

Can these issues please please be outlined in greater detail?

How long will query based sync be supported and when will Realm Cloud actually seize to exist? I know you plan to stop future sign ups on Realm Cloud, but that is not enough information. Do we have a year, two years, or what does the future look like in clear defined terms for Realm Cloud?

My situation is similar to the one outlined below:


Please can we have more information on this ASAP.

Thank you,


Hi Chase –

There are some cases where query-based sync works fairly well, some where we can throw some extra resources your way to help scale, and some cases where we may want to help you adjust your data model. As this is something that varies so much by case and usage profile it is tough to document. I saw that you have also emailed me directly and have replied so we can discuss more of the intricacies of this project. For others on the forum with similar questions, please feel free to reach out at drew.dipalma@mongodb.com.

In terms of support for Realm Cloud – While we will be halting sign-ups to Realm Cloud once we release MongoDB Realm (in approximately 2 months) we anticipate keeping Realm Cloud live for at least another year. A specific shutdown plan will be based on usage as well as how quickly we can GA MongoDB Realm and help Realm users migrate.



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