Function Dependencies Save Draft Error

After trying to deploy dependencies, I keep getting “error processing request” and the bar turns red. I am using GitHub and it’s been doing this for a while now. I didn’t have the need then, but now I do.

Why won’t this save/push to GitHub?
Is there a way to add the package.json to a config file?

I need this work

I just saw where the documentation was updated. Must have been today, because it wasn’t there yesterday.

Well, I thought this was fixed, but after applying the methods stated in the link above, this is the error I get in the UI.

Failed: failed to import app: cannot process non-javascript function

Here is my configuration:


Alright, so your documentation says to upload the “node_modules” folder to github and also shows to user the prompt “npm install …”.

But, i just removed the node_modules folder and kept the “package.json” file in the functions folder and it looks to have worked that way.

So, it seems Realm will install these based on just the “package.json” file. I would suggest updating your documentation to match above process.


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