Full Text Search Error

I’m trying to implement the Full Text Search with flutter realm 1.6.0 and im getting this error: [INFO] Realm: Connection[1]: Session[1]: Received QUERY_ERROR "Invalid query: invalid RQL for table "suggestions": syntax error: unexpected Identifier" (error_code=226, query_version=20)

class _Suggestion {
  late ObjectId id;
  late String description;
  late DateTime? createdAt;
  late DateTime? updatedAt;
  late ObjectId? companyId;
  late ObjectId? employeeId;
  late String? type;
  late String? language;
  late int? usageCount;

And im doing the query like that:

      'description TEXT \$0',
        "fantasy novel",

I dont know what i’m doing wrong, can anyone help me with this error please?

the Device SDK does not support full-text search for syncing subscriptions and queries - it is only for local searches on device. You need to use an alternative query operator for syncing subscriptions first and then you can use full-text search locally