Frozen objects for .NET

Hi there,

Are there any info about when an update containing the new frozen objects are released to .NET ?

I’m currently building a Blazor Server application and since Blazor decides to build UI on a thread of their own discretion, I’m unable to use the realm models directly.

This means that I have to map everything to new models going back and forth between Realm and the UI - which is plain silly.

So. When do you plan to release and update? According to the roadmap it should be out already. When will .NET get some love?

We normally try to avoid committing to too many hard deadlines as priorities (and the world situation at large) may impact our estimates. But assuming a normal disclaimer, .NET is getting love now and we are wrapping up Core6 support and that should hopefully land in April as GA. The Frozen Object support will come after that, best case late May. This is our current plan, but take it with due uncertainty as the current conditions may affect things…


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