Frequently Asked Questions – Atlas App Services & Realm

General Questions

What is Atlas App Services?

Atlas App Services refers to the set of fully-managed cloud services built on top of MongoDB Atlas that help you build apps, integrate services, and connect to your data faster. Services include the Data API, the GraphQL API, Triggers, Functions, and Device Sync.

What is an App Services app?

The term "app " refers to a single Atlas App Services backend instance used to house your cloud services. Within your app, you can manage linked Atlas data sources, perform user management, configure authentication providers, set up data access rules, and more for your services like APIs, Triggers, and Device Sync.

How is Atlas App Services related to Realm?

Realm is an open source client-side database that contains a built-in synchronization solution to MongoDB Atlas – Device Sync. As a fully-managed cloud service, Device Sync runs on the App Services layer and works seamlessly with other services like Triggers and Functions.

Legacy Naming Questions

Is Atlas App Services the same as MongoDB Realm?

Sort of! MongoDB Realm is the legacy name for the portfolio of products that included both the Realm client-side database and the cloud services built on top of MongoDB Atlas. To clarify the difference between the local database and the cloud components, the portfolio has been renamed as follows:

  • MongoDB Realm has been broken apart into Atlas App Services (the cloud services) and Realm (the client-side database)

  • The individual cloud services have been renamed as follows:

    • Realm GraphQL API → Atlas GraphQL API
    • Realm Triggers → Atlas Triggers
    • Realm Functions → Atlas Functions
    • Realm Sync → Atlas Device Sync
  • You configure your cloud services with Atlas App Services features that have been renamed as follows:

    • Realm Authentication → App Services Authentication
    • Realm Schema → App Services Schema
    • Realm Rules → App Services Rules
    • Realm Hosting → App Services Static Hosting
    • Realm Logs → App Services Logs
    • Realm CLI → App Services CLI (Please note the npm package is still Realm.)
  • Realm remains the name for the client-side database with associated SDKs like Realm Swift, Realm Kotlin, Realm JS, Realm .NET, and Realm Flutter.

What happened to MongoDB Stitch?

The services previously known as MongoDB Stitch all fall into the MongoDB Atlas cloud services mentioned above. Please refer to docs for more in-depth product information.