Found 23 but cannot chooe this answer for $match exercice

Hello, for the $match test my query return 23 but I can only choose between 7-30-12-15.
My query seem to be correct.
What’s wrong?
var pipeline = [ { $match: { $and : [ { genres : {$nin : [‘Crime’, ‘Horror’ ]}}, {rated : {$in : [‘PG’, ‘G’]}}, {“imdb.rating”:{$gte:7}}, {languages : /.English./}, {languages : /.Japanese./} ] } }]

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Hi @philippe_cazabonne, welcome to the community.
What do you mean when you say:

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Sourabh Bagrecha,
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Hello, I had the same problem here in Chapter 1: Basic Aggregation - $match and $project ### Lab - $match. but I found the problem so I wanted to share it.

I executed my aggregation pipeline and returned 23 documents. But when running “validateLab1(pipeline)” I got “You aren’t returning the correct number of documents”. The problem was that my pipeline variable was keeping the old version of my aggregation.

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