For Shell can I download Community edition

For the ‘shell’ download, we have to install the Server itself and I wonder if it is ok to download the community edition or does it have to be the Enterprise edition. Shall we loose some functionalities, which the course covers and we shall not be able to follow?

I did post the same question a little while ago but guess that was in chapter 1

At your convenience.

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Hi Ashok

I am also doing this course. I had the community version already installed and did not install the enterprise version. So far no issues, everything is connecting fine and all commands are working.
Just need to make sure your path to the ‘bin’ folder is correct as it may be different from the one shown on the course.

Hope that helps


Hi Bhupen,

I roger that and thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Appreciate the help.


@Ashok_81119 When I took the class late last year (2018), the community edition didn’t have the schema feature which was required for some of the course. So you may run into some issues completing some of the labs/quizzes with the community edition.