For Import command, how MongoDB select the Destination Collection

mongoimport --uri=“mongodb+srv://” --drop sales.json

sample_supplies" --drop sales.json
2020-10-22T07:28:41.529+0000 no collection specified
2020-10-22T07:28:41.529+0000 using filename ‘sales’ as collection
2020-10-22T07:28:43.539+0000 connected to: mongodb+srv://[REDACTED]

In case there way two collections say sample1 and sample2 then above command will import the json file in which collection. In case of more than one collections, do we need to mandatorily give the collection name while importing and exporting?

When unsure always refer to the official documentation. See

For short answer, the database name is given as part of the URI. In your case, sample_supplies. The collection name is derived from the file name. In your case, it is sales derived from sales.json as indicated by the message using filename ‘sales’ as collection.

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