Following query resulting none in compass where i can see these details in documents


am trying run a query in compass but it showing the result as documents 0-0/N/A.

below is the image which shows the data

when am running {“presentWeatherObservationManual”: { condition: “15” }} reslults are not shown.

help me in finding the solution.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Sriram_85196,

Here you are querying an array of objects so you need to use the following query:

{ “presentWeatherObservationManual.condition”: “15” }

Or, you can also use $elemMatch operator to query array of nested documents:

{ presentWeatherObservationManual: {$elemMatch: {condition: “15”}} }

Please also refer to the following documents:

Please let me know, if you have any questions.


Hey @Sonali_Mamgain,

Thank you, it worked for me.

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