Flexible sync when device is offline

Hello, Please how can I use Flexible sync in realm with React Native when the device is offline? When I am online, everything works well, but when I go offline, the RealmProvider gets stuck at the fallback without being able to pass through. Here is my code below.

<UserProvider fallback={<FallBackNavigator />}>
          flexible: true,
          initialSubscriptions: {
            update: (subs, realm) => {
                  name: 'allCoursesSubscription',
            rerunOnOpen: true,
        fallback={() => <ActivityIndicator size={'large'} style={{ position: 'absolute', zIndex: 999, top: DEVICE_HEIGHT * 0.5, left: DEVICE_WIDTH * 0.46 }} />}
            headerShown: false,
          <Screen name="Splash" component={Splash} />
          <Screen name="Onboarding" component={Onboarding} />
          <Screen name="DrawerNavigator" component={DrawerNavigator} />
          <Screen name="BottomNavigator" component={BottomNavigator} />

I have checked other topics on this with no way to get unblocked, I have also read the docs all through.
I only have a problem with it when I am offline. Please help

I finally found out how to solve the Issue I was having. I was forgetting the user field in the sync property of the RealmProvider. So I added it and everything was now okay