Flexible Sync Sample Flutter App does not appear to sync properly

Hi I’m just getting started looking at the Flutter SDK (1.60) and tried the sample app from here

Flutter Flexible Sync

I’m using the sample app straight out of the box with the Altas AppId given in the sample but I get the same result if I use my own AppId.

If I add a record in the MongoDB collection in the back end, none of the connected devices update to show the change. If I add a new record in one of the connected devices, the back end does update but again, no other device updates in real time. When I add a record on one device, the UI then updates to show the correct number of records at the server collection. The devices only sync when I add a record on that device. Or perhaps they do sync but the UI does not update until that device does something to cause the UI to update?

I know this is not how device sync works, having previously used device sync in a MAUI app to great effect.
Can anyone confirm that this sample app should update the UI in realtime and if so why it is not working? The least I’d expect from a flexible sync demo app is for devices’ UI to update in real time.

Hey @John_Atkins - sorry for the delay getting back to you. I just spent some time with the Flutter template app and was not able to replicate the issue you reported. I am using v 1.6.1, which was released a few weeks ago. Nothing in the release notes looks like an obvious culprit to me, but I wonder if you update to 1.6.1, are you still having this issue?

Hi @Dachary_Carey Sorry for the even longer delay in replying to you.
My work priorities changed and I’ve only just got back to flutter and Realm. I have now updated to 1.90 and having done

flutter clean
dart run realm generate

things seem to be ok now.
Thank you for your help.