Flexible sync not updating @ObservedResults in a macOS app


I am exploring the new flexible sync feature and I have an issue regarding updating data after adding a subscription query.

I have this PersonTableView

struct PersonsTableView: View {
    @Environment(\.realm) var realm
    @ObservedResults(Person.self, sortDescriptor: SortDescriptor(keyPath: \Person.name)) var persons
    @State private var selection: Person? = nil
    var body: some View {
        Table(persons, selection: $selection) {
        .onAppear(perform: setPersonsQuerySubscription)
    private func setPersonsQuerySubscription() {
        let subscriptions = realm.subscriptions
        subscriptions.write {
            let query = QuerySubscription(name: "personsList") { $0._partitionKey == "userID" }

When the view appears, the query subscription is created but persons is empty. I have to navigate away and back to this view for the persons to appear inside the table.

I believe .onAppear returns before realm downloads new data but, shouldn’t @ObserevedResults update the table as soon as it has new results?

Or it could be a macOS Table related issue?

Thank you!

If anyone is interested in this topic, just want to let you know that Realm’s latest update fixed this.

Everything works as intended.