Fixing Missing Indexes, Part 2 missing people.json

can you share people.json file?


If you’re going to go ahead of the class schedule, you need to be especially careful to read all the Lecture materials, Notice that the Lecture notes here have a download link for this file.

Hi @DHz ,
I just got to this point in this class and can’t find the people.json file to download from any of the handouts and I have not been skipping ahead on any of the lectures. BTW the link you have above to the lecture “notes here” is broken with " Page not found".


The thread is 2 months old. It is possible that the file is at a new location at the current iteration of the course.


Well, I’m not the TA for this course any more, but the link that I gave (that’s in the lecture notes) is and works fine for me. Just be sure to download the file, and don’t try to just open it. :wink:

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Thanks @DHz. I was able to save the file.