Firebase Authentication with Realm Cloud

I am trying to use Firebase Authentication because username/password authentication is no longer recommended. The documentation says I have to get a public/private key pair (not sure what settings I should use). I need to call the private key with fs.readFileSync(’pathToMyPrivateKeyFile’);
Which gives me an error “no such file or directory”.
I tried to use the absolute path and I tried to copy the key file in the func directory. Nothing works for me.

Hi! I wrote the guide…

For the keys, just use the default settings. It’s fine. More information can be found here

An absolute path wont work. Personally I have placed the key file in the root folder for the firebase cloud functions and then simply use the filename as the path provided to fs.readFileAsync. No such file or directory simply means you didn’t get the path right.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Simon_Persson,

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