FIPS support in Cloud Atlas

Is it possible to enable FIPS support in Cloud Atlas?

I’ve inspected my logs but don’t see the “FIPS 140-2 mode activated” message in my Atlas DBs logs as I do if I enable FIPS on a local instance.

If it’s possible, how can I enable it as I don’t have full access to the DBs config file?

It is available only in Entp. edition
You have to edit config file,add FIPS parameter and restart mongod to enable it
So access to configfile/mongod is a must


Just wanted to confirm it isn’t enable-able in Cloud Atlas

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Is it possible to enable FIPS support in Cloud Atlas?

FIPS mode cannot be enabled in Atlas directly. However, MongoDB Atlas is FIPS-compatible and supports connections from applications using FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic modules. The Atlas service offers NIST-approved FIPS 140-2 encryption modes in network transport, API access, and key generation & delegation. Data at rest encryption at the storage volume level uses FIPS validated hardware security module and software components. Web service endpoints for Atlas are compatible with applications configured to communicate in FIPS mode over TLS.

Additionally, you may also find viewing the Atlas security whitepaper useful.

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