Finish Before Deadline

Why do we have to wait a week to continue with the next section?

That’s how course is designed
They are time bound with begin and end dates for each week(total 3 weeks)
Even if you complete a particular week’s course in one day against 1 week allocated time you have to wait for next weeks course to open
May be course instructors can comment more on this

Hi Chuy,

In addition to @Ramachandra_37567’s reply, we give 1 week for every Chapter so that every student gets their definite time and there is no race in completing the course.

And to just keep everything consistent. :slight_smile:

Soon, we are going to launch Unlockable offerings which will allow users to unlock next chapters before the defined Start Date. But this feature is in beta testing phase for now.


Ok thanks! Just wondering. Very informative so far.