Find groups's last positive value

I am trying to build a aggretate query as below:
I have a list of data one of the fields is id and another field is value (can be +ve, -ve, 0).
I would like to group the data based on id and for each id I would like to get the last positive value.
I can find the last value of the group but what I wanted is last +ve value.
I have been trying out with $ne but its not working as expected.


I would like to get :

  {id:"211205",value:9}, # 9 as last value for that id is 0 and previous to that is -1 so previous value >= 1
  {id:"211207",value:2} # 2 as last value for that id is 0 so previous >= 1 value

Match, then group.[
{$match: {"value": {$gt: 0}}}, 
{$group:{_id:"$id",value:{$first: "$value"}}}] )

Thanks @chris :slight_smile:
I was trying out the condition in group this whole time.

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