Find 0r select query with timezone depends on user timezone

select created_at, CONVERT_TZ(created_at, ‘UTC’, ‘IST’) as local_created_at from posts
WHERE created_at between CONVERT_TZ(‘01-07-2022 00:00:00’,‘IST’,‘UTC’) AND CONVERT_TZ(‘30-07-2022 23:59:59’,‘IST’,‘UTC’).

I have stored the data values in UTC in databese. Now How will be above the query in mongoose ? Here all the IST are the user’s timezone (it will be dynamic, based on user’s timezone) and the date value (in above example ‘01-07-2022 00:00:00’ and ‘30-07-2022 23:59:59’) is also dynamic. This date value will be provided in the user’s current time zone. As example here both 01-07-2022 00:00:00’ and ‘30-07-2022 23:59:59’ are provided in IST timezone.