Final Question 5 Clarification

Hi… in question 5 of the final, all the statements which are potentially true state “Jumbo chunks”. Since in MongoDB, “Jumbo” is a designation, in my discernment, can I trust that he question reference to that designation means the designation is remains relative to whatever else each statement refers to occurring?
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Sorry, want to apologize for my horrible grammar in original question/post. Here is my corrected question…
Since in MongoDB, “Jumbo” is a designation for a chunk, in deciding for each statement, can I trust that each statement reference to “Jumbo chunk” means the chunk designation is in place relative to whatever action/else the statement states is occurring?

Again, sorry for the grammar… was bit fatigued if recall at the time sent the original.
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Hi Thomas,

If MongoDB cannot split the chunk that exceeds the specified chunk size, MongoDB labels the chunk as jumbo
Each statement in the options refer to this “jumbo chunk” and you need to select the option that holds true in reference to the jumbo chunk.
You can refer to this documentation for details: Data Partitioning with Chunks
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Hello Sonali,

Thank you for replying - getting back. I had dug a little more, and found some more information that supported my thought/discernment, and was able to answer the question successfully.

Thank you again!

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