Final: Question 4

Hi MongoDBU,

I just wanted to point out the following since I know that you didn’t realize this was a problem

Final Question 4 stated the following.

“When the write has been applied by the nodes marked in yellow , it returns an acknowledgement back to the client.”

Being colour blind. I had no idea which nodes were yellow. I couldn’t tell if more than was coloured the same or not. It was nearly impossible for me to get this question right on my own even though I knew the material and I knew what you were asking.

I had to face time a friend and show them the screen and tell me which boxes were which. This could have easily been solved if you simply used stripes or something else just an FYI.


Thank you @Anthony_20528,

The diagram is now changed to stripes instead of color for our next offering. We appreciate your feedback and patience.

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