Final: Question 3 "Suppose an instance of MongoClient is created with the default settings"

Hi, I’ve tried to run an instance with default settings like in question 3 of final tests but get an error.
I use my mflix project environment but get an error when trying to execute all program in a single file,
also, I try to execute program line by line in python interpreter but also get the same error.
Also, I remove and install dnspython and pymongo packages but it does not solve this error.
I use packages versions for mflix project.

Lastly, I try directly connect from shell to this instance but also get the same result.
Help me to solve this issue, please.

Hi @Yurii_91907,

Looks like the MongoDB URI that you are using is not valid. I’m also not able to connect.
Can you confirm that this is the correct URI for your Atlas cluster ?

Can you send us a screenshot of your Atlas cluster Connect using Short SRV connection string page ?


Hi @Norberto,
Maybe I don’t understand the final question 3.

But I think I need to connect to URI from question 3 of the final exam.

@Yurii_91907, I think I know what is your problem. The URI provided in the question does not correspond to a valid URI. There is no cluster at this address. The URI provided in the question is just an example. You may use your own cluster URI to answer to the question.

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Yeah, thank you.
I think it’s too difficult to find a solution in this question, and URI is so obvious.