Final Exams Grades not received

I finished final exam. But I didn’t get the grades. When can I expect to know my grades?


It will show something like this on overview page
May be you need to wait for due date

  • Start Date: Jan 22, 17:00 UTC
  • Due Date: Jan 29, 17:00 UTC
  • Exam Grade Release Date: Jan 31, 17:00 UTC

Is Completion different from Certificate? Will the Percentage be mentioned in the Certificate?
Should we expect the certificate on 21st Feb? Or we’ll get only Course Completion sans Grade / percentage?

Yes, Completion confirmation is when you complete the course.

Certificate is certification which you can find more details here:

No, the percentage is not mentioned in the Course Completion Confirmation.

You will get only course completion confirmation. For certificate, you need to go through Certification Exam.


Hi Team, In final exam, 5 answers are correct out of 6, but still showing failed…whats % passing mark

Your final score is average of labs+final exam
Have you completed all the labs?
Please check overview page for details