Final Exam when will it be graded?

When will the answers be graded? I submitted my responses ?

Hey @Ashish_Shah_45912,

Your responses are submitted successfully. However, they will be graded after the course ends. So, you can view the final results after the due date for the Final Exam.

For any other query, please let me know.


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Dear MongoDB,

first of all: Thank you very much for the opportunity that we can learn new skills!:+1:

Great course, I enjoyed it very much and I will proceed to learn.

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Thank you for this course material. It is very useful.
Just wanted to know whether we will get any certificate/note for its completion in digital format ?

Hi @chaukse_rahul,

Please check the Exam Grade Release Date in your course overview page. Generally, it is 2 days after the due date of the final exams.
Then you will be able to download Course Completion Certificate from My Courses section.

Good Luck!!