Final Exam Schedule

Hello All, I enrolled M001:MongoDB Basics course yesterday(19th Nov) and the course ends on 10th Dec 2019. I noticed the Final exam slot is open between 3 Dec to 10 Dec.

  1. Would I be good to schedule the exam on 10th Dec as my course ends on the same day or would require time for preparation?
  2. When is the next slot for the Final exam after Dec 10?


note that this is just a course - so nothing very extensive and finishing final exam is like 20 minutes at most. It is basically 6 questions similar you get during course (not labs which are more time consuming).and it is not hard.
Yes you can do it on the last day of the course, as well as you can finish first part of the course, second part of the course any time to be able access, open or even finish it any time after 19th Nov

  1. I have no idea, I m not from mongodb but they usually have something like 3 weeks course, 1-2 weeks nothing, 3 weeks course. And you cannot take only Final exam of the course. So I would guess that around January 15 will end of the course.

But really do not worry about this “exam”, it is not a real one

Hi @Priya_42434,

All course on MongoDB University are unlockable. What it means is that you do not have to wait for any specific date to get access to the contents of the next chapter if you have done all the Labs in the previous chapter. The next chapter gets unlocked for you and you can make the submissions for labs and quizzes earlier than the default start date.

If you are done with the previous chapters then you will be able to make submissions for the final exam even before it’s start date - Dec 03, 17:00 UTC.

Or, you can go with the default dates and make submissions for the final exam anytime between Start Date: Dec 03, 17:00 UTC and Due Date: Dec 10, 17:00 UTC.

There won’t be any next slot for the final exam after Dec 10 for this particular offering in which you are enrolled. You must submit your answers prior to the due date which is Dec 10, 17:00 UTC.

Hope it helps!

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

Thanks Shubham for the response.

Thanks for the response.