Final Exam: Question 6:wrong infromation

It was mention , on M001 class Atlas cluster ,video.movies but in M001 Atlas cluster there is no video.movies collection it is video.moviesDetails.

Please double check you are connected to the correct cluster
I see movies in class cluster
Don’t get confused with Class cluster vs Sandbox cluster

Hi @Barun_80164,

Please check that video.movies collection is in class Atlas Cluster and video.movieDetails collection is in Atlas sandbox cluster.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.


Here is the question please check.

Please connect to the M001 class Atlas cluster from the mongo shell or Compass and view the video.movies collection. How many movies match the following criteria?

Here M001 is the snadbox cluster that we created during the course.and in M001 there is no movies collections

Ok i understood
But it clearly says class Atlas cluster(M001RS)

Try to understood that M001 is the sandbox cluster that were created during the course and movies collections is in ‘’ cluster not in M001.

Hi @Barun_80164,

I just want to clarify that there are 2 clusters throughout the course:

  1. The class Atlas cluster contains the video.movies collection.

As mentioned in the above statement, to answer the Final Exam question 6, you have to query this class Atlas cluster. Refer to the following screenshot of the Atlas class cluster:

  1. Another one is the Atlas sandbox cluster that you have created in the course and it contains the video.movieDetails collection. Refer to the following screenshot of the Atlas Sandbox cluster:

Please let me know, if you have any doubts.