Final Exam Question 6 --wiredTigerDirectoryForIndexes


In the MongoDB documentation i find the following definition.

--wiredTigerDirectoryForIndexes ``

New in version 3.0.0.

When you start mongod with --wiredTigerDirectoryForIndexes , mongod stores indexes and collections in separate subdirectories under the data (i.e. --dbpath ) directory. Specifically, mongod stores the indexes in a subdirectory named index and the collection data in a subdirectory named collection .

Mounting the different directories collection and index on different disks isn’t a task performed by the wiredTigerDirectoryForIndexes option.
If the item nr. 6 were a mistake then correcting my answer as PASS and upgrading my final rate please.


You need to read further in the documentation, which continues with

By using a symbolic link, you can specify a different location for the indexes. Specifically, when 'mongod' instance is **not** running, move the 'index' subdirectory to the destination and create a symbolic link named 'index' under the data directory to the new destination.

So you can in fact place indexes in other directories or other disks.