Final Exam Question 5 - there is a typo in the Question?

db.movieDetails.find({}, {title: 1})

db.movieDetails.find({}, {title: 1, _id: 0})

db.movieDetails.find({year: 1964}, {title: 1, _id: 0})

db.movieDetails.find({title: “”}, {title: 1})

db.movieDetails.find({}, {title})

db.movieDetails.find({title: “Muppets from Space”}, {title: 1})

There are no collections by name “movieDetails” and if you query with this it doesn’t get any output.

So It should be “db.movies.find…” isn’t it.

Please double check you are connected to the correct cluster
movies and movieDetails exist on different clusters but DB name is same video